Healing Factors of ice

After revealing herself to her sister, and finding out about that she was imprisoned for 18 years instead of being protected, Rapunzel and Elsa escape their homes to find a new life. As Rapunzel searches for safety, she stumbles upon an ice palace, and in that very ice palace was a beautiful girl, named Elsa. Elsa and Rapunzel quickly become friends but when Rapunzel suggest as being free sisters, Elsa shuts her out faster than lightning. Rapunzel travels to Arendelle, where she was told a safe place. However Rapunzel stumbles into a man named Hans, and Rapunzel ends up falling in love with him. They quickly hit it off, so hard Rapunzel even told Hans about her hair. But when she mentions Elsa, Hans betrays her, locks her in a room, and even cuts her hair off! Hans attacks Elsa and kidnaps her and takes her to a dungeon. Hans talks to Elsa and tries to calm her down but that didn’t help. Hans put on a disappointing look which makes Elsa have a guilt trip and fall to the ground. But just as Rapunzel manages to escape she finds Hans and his sword ready to kill Elsa. Rapunzel tries to warn her but she was to late, Elsa was dead. Rapunzel lays over her dead friend crying, but then suddenly right before her eyes Elsa began to heal and was alive! It was a miracle! As for Hans, well Rapunzel took care of him. And they all lived happily ever after.

Ice Technology

Shimano’s Product manager Bas van Dooren explains about ‘Ice Technology’. Learn all about the great advantage this technology offers to the brake performance on your mountain bike. Furthermore, Eva Lechner and Fabian Giger share their experience on their ‘Ice Tech’ laser engraved brakes they use on the highest level of MTB racing.

Sports fishing

Ice fishing 2014 (almost 2014) starts off really well with some very nice Northern Pike through the ice and just a great day on the lake here in Minnesota. Things get a little out of control so be warned there is a little profanity here and there but not bad. After the day on the ice you will get a graphic couple short clips of cleaning the fish, you have been warned. It was a GREAT DAY!!!

The next part is to BBQ the fish, which we did…Texas Style, good enough to win an award with. So I wanted to believe…It was good though.